I'm Simon Little - Owner of Cre8te interiors Ltd.

Based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

I have worked in the Commercial Interiors industry for over 30 Years both as an employee in my own company.

What makes us different and why Create Interiors?

We do not sell office furniture or Fit Out. 
This means that we have no motive to sell you things that you do not need.

We do however offer professional Cad Services provision to both the End-user and to the Commercial Interior industry.
A bulk of our work comes from Design & Build Interiors companies who need help with demand for drawings and visual presentations.

Probably the main reason that we get called in for is to carry out Measured Surveys of building & Office interiors. This is generally where no drawings exist or the Pdf versions are not to be relied on, perhaps because they are old and out of date.
We measure the designated space and draw the surveyed information up in Autocad or Sketchup Pro.

Once the client has a soft copy of the office space further drawing can be worked on if required.


Such as :

  • Furniture & Space Planning Layouts,

  • Ceiling & Lighting Layouts,

  • Floor Box Layouts,

  • Office Area Calculations

Over the years we have worked with major companies as well as many small businesses. Helping with designs to see if they will either fit into new Premises. Or indeed if they could possibly re-organise their existing office layout to make them more efficient.


Technology has moved on in recent years and we are now can now offer visualisations of office interiors.

This helps the client visualise any proposal and gives them the chance to experiment with colours and finishes.

  If you would like an informal chat to discuss any ideas you have please get in touch via email or telephone.

Create Interiors
Create Interiors

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