Cre8te Interiors get called in to many companies to carry out measured surveys.
Sometimes no existing drawings exist, sometimes they are out of date & sometimes the only drawings available are in PDF format.

Although Pdf's are useful they are non editable and may not be to scale.

Get your Office / Building on CAD

We can produce accurate Cad drawings from our surveys. By visiting your site we can carry out a measured survey of a room, an office or a whole building depending on the requirement.
It does not stop just there, we can extend the survey to include existing furniture locations, Floor Box (power & data) positions and even ceiling grids recording where light fittings and A/C units are located.

A measured Survey can be done during normal office hours or out of hours if required. The measuring process is carried out with electronic laser measuring devices and tape measures. We also take photos where necessary.
The whole process does not affect staff as we can generally work around them. We will however need access to offices and meeting rooms at some point.

Survey information can be turned into an editable drawing in just a few days. You will own the drawing file and will receive the drawing in a Pdf format. Cre8te Interiors will keep a copy for any changes you may make in the future.

Why get your Office / Building Drawn Up ?

Having accurate drawings of your office is crucial  if you are looking to make any changes to the layout, Moving internal offices / meeting rooms to make way for additional desks or removing desks to make way for a new meeting room. You will need to know how many desks you are potentially going to loose. How many light fittings need to move etc.

Having drawings in cad format are also very useful to send to contractors for pricing purposes. Contractors quoting for the work will then at least be quoting from the same set of drawings.
Crete Interiors work with your nominated contractors or suggest one for you if required.
As a company we do a lot of work fro the Office fit out industry. Many of these companies do not have a drawing division and call on companies like Create Interiors to do drawings for them.

We have worked for many clients, some of which we are still working for continuously for over 15 years. Working closely with facilities departments on large and small office moves / re-locations & refurbishments.

If you would like to discuss getting your office on CAD please contact us 


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