Paper to CAD - Pdf to CAD Conversion Service

Sometimes clients have drawings but they are only paper copies or Pdf's.

We can cad up your old hard copy drawings so that they then become editable files. Any out of date information can also be recorded and added in the process.

With regards to Pdf drawings - Some can be converted with software but this largley depends on how the Pdf was originally produced.

If a Pdf was produced from a cad program originally many can be converted back (to a degree) . This process can produce Cad files that are hard to work with but can be a quick and easy way to get what you need in the short term.
If however the Pdf was produced by a different means, perhaps scaled or scanned it is a different story.
It must be redrawn, perhaps in some instances traced over in Autocad. In some instances it would be best to just start fresh.

There are various pieces of software that do this, some better than others. Give them a try or contact us.


Fire Escape Drawings

Having an escape plan in the event of fire is a requirement for all offices.
It lets staff know where the nearest fire exit is located and also where the assembly points are.

These drawings can be fairly simple, with just lines and arrows directing staff to their nearest fire exit.
They are also a great help to Fire Services when called.

Car Park Drawings

We often get asked to provide drawing for office car parks. Labelling parking bays for individuals or for company separation purposes.
These can be defined by colour so that staff know where they can park. 

CAD Draughting - Freelance Drawings 

Cre8te Interiors are frequently asked to assist with general Draughting services.

Although we specialise in Commercial office Interiors we can also help with other types of cad work.

Furniture Detailing & Electrical Services are examples.

Furniture Audits
If you are perhaps looking to move to a new office or have a major office re shuffle you will need to understand what office furniture you have. Desks and Storage will need to be quantified. 
Create Interiors can do this for you and give the information back to you in a format such as MS Excel

You may have desks of various sizes, Storage of various sizes, Screens, Printers, Meeting tables etc etc
All these items will need to be re-planned into a new office. Even if you are looking at new office furniture.
You will need to understand what you have currently and who uses what.

Contact Us To discuss how we can help with these or any other service