If you are looking to have your office plans drawn up in Autocad we can help.
Most companies might have drawings in Pdf format but these although helpful are pretty useless when something needs changing. Pdf's are non editable.

Our Survey process can record various elements of your building/office.
Starting with the Building outline/structure.

Internals walls, internal offices, Meeting rooms, Tea points & kitchens etc.
Once we have an accurate plan we can measure all furniture including Desks & Storage.

This information gives us the ability to redraw you office accurately. Each Element is placed on its own layer. This allows us yo give you the drawings you require.
A general arrangement plan with furniture and partitions or a drawing with just partitions & floor grids & floor boxes.
We can adapt the drawing to show exactly what you need it to.

The above is ideal and pretty much a requirement for any major office furniture reorganisation. If your requirement involves moving or adding walls we would suggest a ceiling survey. This is where we can record where all the light fitting / Air conditioning units, Fire alarms etc are currently located.

Once this information is overlaid on the new proposed layout it will highlight which fittings will need to move and also determine if any new fittings are required.

Another important element to record is your Power and Data (floor box) locations.

Although this can be hard to measure when the existing furniture is in place it is a vital part of any new layout.
We can record  this information and again overlay it on the proposed layout to see how many boxes need moving.

The more information you have will help a contractor price accurately and save you from any unknown costs when work begins.


Once we have your floor plan in our Autocad Software program we can work on furniture layouts and general Space Planning. Working with the surveyed plan we can accurately calculate floor areas.
Even letting you know how much room each department is taking up. This can be given to you as coloured diagrams.


The Space planning stage is where we would take a brief from you to extract the information we need to commence design layout drawings.


  • How many desks

  • Department structure and Adjacentcies 
    (Occupancy of each)

  • Meeting Rooms, Board Rooms

  • Offices How many (Occupancy of each)

  • Store Rooms

  • Comms Rooms 

  • Kitchens / Break Out Areas

When it comes to planning in new or existing desks we can give you several layout options to see what works best.
We will also consider any future expansion requirements you may have.


We can plan your existing desks or new desks and show you furniture layouts that demonstrate which size desk works best.  Sometimes going with a smaller 1400mm desks rather than 1600mm desks can get you those all important extra workstations into the same space.

Cre8te interiors 3d visuals can really give you real insight and feel of how your refurbishment will look. We produce a digital 3d model of your building or office space. Using Autocad & Sketchup we can then create stunning 3d rendered views. These can be still images or converted to 360 degree views.
The 360 views are presented in your web browser and can be shared with colleagues by sharing the URL Ideal if you want to discuss design aspects with colleagues.


360 Degree views give you the ability to view the the area around you form one standing point. You can navigate with your mouse or if viewed on your mobile devise you can just move the device to rotate the view.

See an examples here​

To save time and cost, 3d visuals should be created when the interior planning stage has got to a point where most things have been agreed in terms of layout.

It is also an advantage to let us know if you were considering having 3d visuals produced. If we are aware we can survey three dimensional information when we carry out a survey. Ceiling heights, door heights, Window heights etc

If preferred you can just have visuals of a certain part of the office/building. Perhaps a reception area or a Breakout kitchen for example.


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